David Siegel Bernstein's Bibliography

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M-Brane SF
Issue #7 August 2009
Crossed Genres
Issue #4 March 2009
(w. Sue Shay)
February 2015
Science Fantasy Magazine
Issue # 2 June 2013
Issue #162 December 2011
You Reap What You Write
One Forty Fiction
November 2011
Bosley Gravel's Cavalcade of Terror
November 2011
Chronology (online version, reprint)
Chaos Theory: Tales Askew
Issue #14 2011
May 2011
Let The Games Begin
Kalkion Literature and Science Fiction Web Magazine
April  2011
A Long Way Up (online version, reprint)
The Nautilus Engine
March 2011
Mirror, Mirror (w. Sue Shay)
Abandoned Towers Magazine
January 2011
No Take Backs
June 19, 2010
Bewildering Stories
Issue #378 Spring 2010
Vol. 12, Issue 4 April 2010
The Groundskeeper
The Absent Willow Review
February 2010
7 1/2 Minutes  (reprinting)
The Storyteller
October 2009
AlienSkin Magazine
August/September 2009
Incendiary Reunion (w. Sue Shay)
Short Story library
June 2009
The Signs of the End
50 to 1
June 2009
Let's Deal
June 2009
The Farraday Affair (reprinting)
Spring 2009
March 2009
I was Framed
Everyday Weirdness
March 2009
The Session
The Tiny Globule
February  2009
Flight 409 (reprinting)
February  2009
Criminal Privacy
AlienSkin Magazine
November 2008
Bewildering Stories
Issue #304 Fall 2008
God's Comprehensive Plan
Pen Pricks
Issue #10 September 2008
Issue #117 February 2008
Good Karma Gone Bad
February 12, 2008
Hair of the Wolf that Bit You
AlienSkin Magazine
December 2007
The Farraday Affair
Orchard Press Mysteries
June 2007
A Novel Dilemma  (w. Sue Shay)
Spring 2007
A Long Way Up  (reprinting)
Aoife's Kiss
March 2007
The Advocate
February 16, 2007
Apollo's Lyre
October 2006 Fall Issue
October 2006
Issue #07 2006
Flight 409
The Curve Ball Conspiracy
August 2006
August 15, 2006
Identity Theft
Afterburn SF
Issue #1 April 2006
Quality of Mercy
Midnight Times
Issue #13 Spring 2006
Static Movement
Issue #1 January 2006
December 2005
A Double Life (w. Sue Shay)
Winter 2005
Social Market  (reprinting)
Issue IV, Vol. II  February 2005
7 1/2 Minutes
Reflections Literary Journal
Volume VI 2004
The Limitations of Being John
Bewildering Stories
Issue #38 2003
A Long Way Up
Black Petals
Issue #24 Summer 2003
Outer Darkness
Issue #28 2003
June 2002
The Ballad of Things (online version, reprinting)
Liquid Imagination
Issue # 12 February 2012
Moment (online version, reprinting)
Apollo's Lyre
September 2010
Every Day Poets
February 2010
The Ballad of Things
Fear and Trembling Magazine
Issue #30 January 2010
Plutonic Breakup
Paper Crow
Issue #1 September 2009
January 2008
Down in the Dirt
Volume 051 October 2007
Issue #106 Volume 10, November 2006
Issue #3 Volume 2, March 2006
Liquid Ohio
Issue #37 Winter 2005
Identity Theft
Beam Me Up! Podcast
Anthologies & Contests containing Work by David Siegel Bernstein
Time Out
Cosmic Crime Stories (Sam's Dot Publishing 2011)
The Emancipation of Sylvia Plath
Made the list of top 3 most viewed poems (by unique visitor) in February 2010, Every Day Poets
Dimming Down
AlienSkin Magazine 8th Anniversary Issue
Apostle Promotion
AntipodeanSF 10th Anniversary Issue
Quality of Mercy
Templar and Other Stories of Suspense and Terror  (2008)
Electric Wasteland
2007 Poetry Collection:  we the Poets
Electric Wasteland
2007 Poetry Collection:  Revealing All your Dirty Little Secrets
Haunted And Hunted
Best of 2006  Apollo's Lyre
A Long Way Up
Quarter Finalist:  New Century Writer's Contest
Time Out
Honorable Mention:  L. Ron Hubbard's Writer's of the Future Contest
Existence Enough
Best Poetry of 2006 Aphelion
Science for Fiction (S4F) Series Published in Abandoned Towers Magazine
Getting More Entangled In Time and Space
Go Kardashev not Kardashian for Your Science
From Higgs to Holograms
Invisibility, Science not Magic
More or Less Human
Now Playing at the Opera—The Faster than Light Particle Experiment
Can Anyone Intelligent Communicate with Me? Other Than My Earthling Friends. Part II
Can Anyone Intelligent Communicate with Me? Other Than My Earthling Friends.
Black Holes (Don’t Really) Suck
Black Holes Suck
Much Ado About Nothing This Month
We Hold Universal Truths to Be Not Self-Evident
Fiction by the Numbers
What’s the Matter With Antimatter?
Paradox Found
Paradox Lost
Do You Know the Time? Part III
Do You Know the Time? Part II
Do You Know the Time?
I Have Virtually Nothing to Say about Zero-Point Energy
If You're Uncertain—Call a Quantum Mechanic for a Fix
Parallel Worlds
The End of Infinity (Infinity of Fun, Part III)
Infinity of Fun, Part II
Infinity of Fun,  Part I
Splicing Science from Fiction
Meet David Siegel Bernstein
Cointegrating Properties of the Demand for Money (with Mohsen Bahmani-Oskooee)
The Hidden Risks of Foreign Investment
 in  Economic Facts
 in Atlantic Economic Journal
 in Applied Economic Letters
in Applied Economic Letters
Does Prosperity Lead to Peace?
in Tagar Press
The Long-Run Relationship Between Exchange Rates and the  Trade Balance a Test of the J-Curve
Working Paper
Long-run effects of central bank intervention on the monetary base: an international perspective
A Study of the United States. The Offsetting of Fiscal Policies and the Sterilization Response to a Balance-Of Payments Disequilibrium Under a Flexible Exchange Rate Regime Policy
Masters Thesis

A sample of the publications featuring works by David Siegel Bernstein